Welcome to the Toodlesocks Studio!
Here, you will often find the unexpected, the whimsical, and,
sometimes, even the traditional.  Have you ever looked for a
skinny bear, a thimble dwelling creature, or a teeny fairy?  Well,
you just might find them here!

I have been infatuated with art and its various mediums ever
since I was old enough to say "let's color!'' I came from a very
artistic family, with my dad, Francis Bartocci, creating beautiful
musical instruments, andmy mother, Ginny, always sewing and
creating beautiful clothing and decorative accessories.  Our
home was filled with music and the inspiration to create.  We
found joy in the simple things in life and entertained ourselves
by creating with all sorts of mediums.

Thirteen years ago, I found my true artistic niche in polymer
clay. I am so passionate about sculpting that you will often find
clay and tools in my suitcase when I go on vacation!

Before leaving Ohio almost nine years ago and re-locating to
California, I had the good fortune of owning my own
giftshop/studio (Trace Creek) in the historic town of Tipp City.  
Now, my dolls are sold through my website, on Ebay, and
through various sculpting guilds.  My work has seen its way
around the world. I have shipped my one of a kind creations to
France, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand,
and Italy, and Germany.  

Each of my dolls is one of a kind, or "ooak." I never use molds
or patterns for any aspect of my work, therefore, no doll will
ever be repeated exactly the same.  

Please enjoy looking around my site and email me with any

Sue Anne