I have listed a charity doll on Ebay. 100% of the profit
will go to the Susan G. Komen  Foundation to fight
breast cancer.  Please join in and help this cute little
baby doll help raise funds to wipe out this awful
disease so that our little girls will not have to fear it
when they grow up.  Meet "Hope!"
News and Notes
November 26, 2011,
Hope sold for $128.00. Thanks to all who
participated in her charity auction!
January 28, 2012

I have been busy sculpting some bears and
bunnies!  I love the white cottage look, particularly
when it's accented with printed pages from old
books, or music.  I have two auctions running on
Ebay.  Please click on the thumbnails below to visit
the auctions:
January 28,2012
I have separated my art work into two separate websites
in order to highlight each.  I will have two sister sites,
one for my dolls and one for my jewelry. I am currently
working on my jewelry site.  Thanks for your patience.  
Please visit my blog @
for sculpting tips and
June 1,2012
I have had inquiries about my jewelry.  I'm sorry to say
that I have been so busy sculpting that I have not had
time to work on my jewelry website or to design more
jewelry.  I need two of me!
October 3,2012
I am thrilled and honored to be the IADR featured artist for the
month of October!  Please click on the box below for the
March 12,2013

I will no longer be posting my new work here on my web
site. I will show it only on my blog (see link above).  I will
keep my web site open so you can find me on my blog.
The less I am on the computer, the more I can sculpt!
See you there!